When you work from home, it can be tempting to just stay in your pajamas all day. But trust us, getting dressed up can make a big difference in your productivity and mental state.

Here are our top tips for dressing up when working from home:


1. Dressing for Success in a Home Office

You know it’s best to look presentable when working from home for several reasons, but what exactly should you wear?

In general, you should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. You need to strike a balance between casual ease and a polished appearance.

If you’re going to be working from home, here are some suggestions on what to wear: Keep it lighthearted but chic.

The best clothes for working from home are those that allow you to feel at ease, productive, and confident.

When the temperature drops, reach for your favorite pair of jeans and a cozy cardigan with long sleeves and a high collar. Put on a loose-fitting jacket or a long sleeveless vest if you need to focus on your task without distractions.


2. Changing into a new outfit denotes a new phase of the day

According to a good number of fashion enthusiasts, what you dress may affect your attitude towards how you work.

Even if you’re working from home,  it’s important to put on some clothes and get ready for the day.

Simply putting on clothes puts one in “work mode,” making one feel more motivated to get things done.

Experts believe that it was just as crucial to change out of one’s business attire and into something more informal at the end of the day as it was to dress appropriately for the job.

First, put on what you want to wear to the office, and then when you get home, change into your sweats or pajamas.

Taking a breather and switching things up with your wardrobe is essential. Since the weather is stable for the time being, you should switch up your wardrobe to reflect the ebb and flow of the day.


3. Pick up something you’d feel comfortable wearing outside the house.

Farfetchedapparel.com suggests dressing as you would for an outside activity when working from home.

The key is to balance style with functionality; ask yourself, “Would I go to the local stores dressed like this?”

When working from home, our experts recommend wearing jogging trousers, a cashmere sweater, and blouses made from soft, elastic materials.

When working from home, you put on a real pair of shoes rather than your Ugg boots or slippers.

It’s suggested that those working from home wear slip-on loafers, soft flats, or casual sneakers.

Dressing for success when working from home: comfy, loose-fitting clothes

Fashion experts suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothes like joggers, chinos, or an elastic-waisted skirt when working from home.

It’s crucial to dress comfortably because your home office desk may not be as ergonomically designed as your workplace workstation.

You don’t want to seem too done up, but you also don’t want to look too sloppy,

Chambray shirts are great for lounging around in since they are so comfortable. A light knit is perfect for being warm without feeling stifled, and certain t-shirts you wear on the weekends might also do the trick.



While it may be tempting to spend the entire day in your pajamas when working from home, there are a few benefits to getting dressed up for the day.

Dressing up can help you get into a productive mindset, make video calls more professional, and boost your confidence.

So next time youre working from home, take a few minutes to get dressed up and see how it affects your day!