If you have a rectangle body shape, you may feel like you lack curves and may be self-conscious about your figure.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to flatter your rectangle shape with the right clothing and accessories.

It’s possible that you have a body shape called a rectangle if you don’t have a very curved figure and if the distance between your shoulders and hips is relatively the same.

Some people refer to the body form of a rectangle as a “banana” body shape, while others call it a “straight” body shape.

Shoulders and hips are roughly the same width apart, which is a characteristic shared by people with a rectangle body shape.

This can be the case even if you have an athletic build or if you are a plus-size rectangle body shape.

When shopping for women’s clothing, it is important to take into account your own body type when making your selections.

Doing so can help you feel more confident on the inside and out. If this was the outcome of the body shape survey that you took, it’s time to start thinking about the clothes and accessories that will make you look and feel your very best!

Continue reading to learn about the qualities of a rectangular body shape, as well as ideas for dressing to feel your best, and what to wear, including various styles of blouses, jeans, slacks, and dresses.

Manifestations of a Body in the Shape of a Rectangle

The following is a list of the key properties of the rectangular body shape:

  • Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same sizes, which indicates that the top and bottom halves of your body are proportionately balanced.
  • You wouldn’t say that your body has a lot of curves, and you’d probably describe your physique as being “straight” up and down.
  • You do not have a waist that is clearly defined.
  • You appear to have an athletic build, and your weight is distributed in a healthy manner across your body.


Advice on How to Dress for a Body Shape That Is Rectangular

If you have a straight body shape, it’s likely that the top and bottom halves of your body are proportionately balanced.

When putting together clothes for people with rectangular body forms, it is best to choose garments that cinch in the waist and provide the impression of curves.

Here are some general pointers that body types with a rectangle proportion can keep in mind:


1. Make the most of the benefits that colors, prints, and textures can provide you.

Even while dark colors such as black and navy are timeless, don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues, patterns, and fabrics.

When picking clothes for a rectangle body shape, focus on combining brighter tones and unusual textures that offer intrigue.

The eye is drawn to bright colors and patterns, so choose garments with these elements in mind.


2. Define Your Waist

Determining your waistline is the key to making the most of this stunning body form.

To quickly define your waist, some of our favorite quick techniques include wearing a stylish belt, avoiding clothing with drop waists and embellishments in the middle, and experimenting with different cuts to create curves.


3. Make Your Own Bends and Curves

When we talk about making curves, we should mention that you can use clothing in a strategic way to make curves where you otherwise might not have them.

It is possible to create the impression of having a curvier figure by eschewing formless garments in favor of those that have a strong sense of structure.

Choose items of clothes that add volume either on top or bottom but not both! and place an emphasis on incorporating structured pieces to achieve and maintain a sense of balance.



If you have a rectangular body shape, there are plenty of ways to flatter your figure with the right clothing and accessories.

Keep in mind that you can use colors, prints, and textures to your advantage, and focus on defining your waistline to create the illusion of curves.

With a little bit of effort, you can easily create a look that is both stylish and flattering.