There is no doubt that most men will always pick a t-shirt over a long-sleeved polo or even a polo shirt. Why? Because they are easy to style, more comfortable, and can be customized. In short, shirts are very versatile. While some may think that a custom t-shirt can be sloppy, there are several ways to make it look fashionable. Let me show you how.

1. Body Shape

No matter how nice the color and print on your custom t-shirt, it can ruin your overall look if it doesn’t compliment your body shape or type. You need to find out where your body shape falls. The different body types are rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, oval, and trapezoid. If you have an oval body shape, avoid wearing a tight-fitting shirt.

2. Neckline

Choosing the right neckline may also have to do with your body frame. The most common custom t-shirt necklines are V-necks and crew neck. Men with slimmer frames should go for crew necks, while V-necks will look better on fitter men. When choosing a neckline, be sure to avoid overexposing the chest.

3. Choose the Right Fit

Even if you have a masculine figure, it would be useless if you don’t wear the right fit. When choosing the correct fit, you need to consider your body type, make sure it conforms to your body. It should also not restrict your movement or make you uncomfortable.

4. Know the Dress Code

If you are attending a party or any gathering, ask for the theme or dress code. Your custom t-shirt may not be appropriate if it is a formal event. However, there are ways to turn your custom shirt and make it more formal, like wearing a blazer over your shirt.

5. Fabric Matters

A custom t-shirt with custom lanyards using a better fabric will stand out even if two tees have the same color and design. When shopping for t-shirts, check which material was used. 100% cotton or cotton-poly are usually the better options. However, you can also try shirts made of other fabrics such as stretch fabrics, linen blends, bamboo, and merino.

6. T-shirt Condition

While vintage or custom distress t-shirts are a thing, people will know the difference if you wear a shirt that has been with you for over a decade now. It may look better on you ten years ago, but maybe you should now invest in shirts in mint condition.

7. Pair with Care

You can make a plain and simple shirt stand out by pairing it with the right bottoms. If you have a navy shirt, you will look better if you pair it with khakis than choosing another dark color for your pants and vise versa.

8. Color

Some people may look good on red while others may not. Depending on your skin tone, some colors may not look flattering on you. You can opt for basic colors such as white, gray, navy, or black to be safe.

9. Design and Pattern

Some designs or patterns may make you look slimmer or thicker, so you also have to be careful when picking a pattern. If you are on the thinner side and want to look bigger, go for custom made tshirts with horizontal stripes. Wearing vertical lines will only emphasize your slender body frame.

10. Add Layers

Give your tees a new look by adding layers to them. A shirt will look great under a cardigan sweater or leather jacket. However, be careful when adding layers to your shirt, as it can make or break your whole outfit. You need to consider the fabric, draping, and texture when matching your shirt with a sports jacket or blazer.

Bonus tip: Never tuck your shirt in if you want to avoid giving the impression of being a nerd. While there is nothing wrong with being a nerd, tucking it in will make you more uncomfortable, especially when the shirt always comes out of your pants.